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How to make a record and break it again!

It has been a long time since its arrival was predicted. This prediction, by the way, was not something Nostradamus came up with, it is just the fact that the city of Hyderabad had been missing a proper exquisite hotel. The Boulevard hotel in Hyderabad, a project by the same company that brought the Boulevard Mall, is set to hit the target, a bang-on bullseye, once again.

Filling out the void which oddly enough no one ever thought to seal, their mall has taken up the podium position of being the first mall of its kind in Hyderabad. The line-up of facilities also seems promising as well. With the likes of mainstream brands and a hypermart within the massive structure, the mall is constructed to the finest standards of quality and displays a crisp, modern feel. Following the same footprints is their new project that has already got the attention of investors from all over the country. The Boulevard hotel in Hyderabad is ready to shatter the records and bring forth a much-needed getaway that the citizens have been waiting for.

With ample accommodation, facilities and top-notch settings, you are sure to find a place to kick back, take a breath and enjoy the exquisite luxury while you are at it.

If you fancy a bit of a time out with your friends or your loved ones, you can pop over to the mall and catch a great movie at the cinema within the mall. Places like the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates in UAE boast such a setup. Following in the footprints of these giants, the Boulevard hotel in Hyderabad ensures to maintain the highest standards of quality and offer only the best experience that you truly deserve.

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